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Source code for aiocouchdb.views

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2014-2015 Alexander Shorin
# All rights reserved.
# This software is licensed as described in the file LICENSE, which
# you should have received as part of this distribution.

import asyncio
import json
from .feeds import ViewFeed

__all__ = (

[docs]class View(object): """Views requesting helper.""" def __init__(self, resource): self.resource = resource @asyncio.coroutine
[docs] def request(self, *, auth=None, feed_buffer_size=None, data=None, params=None): """Requests a view associated with the owned resource. :param auth: :class:`aiocouchdb.authn.AuthProvider` instance :param int feed_buffer_size: Internal buffer size for fetched feed items :param dict data: View request payload :param dict params: View request query parameters :rtype: :class:`aiocouchdb.feeds.ViewFeed` """ if params is not None: params, data = self.handle_keys_param(params, data) params = self.prepare_params(params) if data: request = else: request = self.resource.get resp = yield from request(auth=auth, data=data, params=params) yield from resp.maybe_raise_error() return ViewFeed(resp, buffer_size=feed_buffer_size)
@staticmethod def prepare_params(params): json_params = {'key', 'keys', 'startkey', 'endkey'} params = dict( (key, value) for key, value in params.items() if (key in json_params and value is not Ellipsis) or (key not in json_params and value is not None)) # CouchDB requires these params have valid JSON value for param in json_params: if param in params: params[param] = json.dumps(params[param]) return params @staticmethod def handle_keys_param(params, data): keys = params.pop('keys', ()) if keys is None or keys is Ellipsis: return params, data assert not isinstance(keys, (bytes, str)) if len(keys) >= 2: if data is None: data = {'keys': keys} elif isinstance(data, dict): data['keys'] = keys else: params['keys'] = keys elif keys: assert params.get('key') is None params['key'] = keys[0] return params, data